Culture and philosophy

Our philosophy? Organic and sustainable raisonné grape-growing. We combine both cultures in order to let grapes thriving and to pick them in the best conditions. Also, taking care of our land is important because in fact what we are looking for is the best expression of soil “Le terroir”.

For every vintage, 90% of works are done in the vineyards. Every year, we reconsider each task to each parcel of vines because of climatic conditions, observation of the vine, type of terroirs, maturity...


Our winter, chores are pruning and the traditional ploughing that may seem straightforward at first glance, but in fact demand great care. In springtime and summer, it is time for the meticulous ebourgeonnage and the removal of surplus unripe grapes and surplus leaves – which are done by hand-. Balance and concentration (aromas and fruits) are our goals.


In September, we prepare the harvest by close observation and tasting the berries. The harvest lasts 15 days on nearly one month, going from an earliest-ripening to the latest-ripening plots. It is only a question of patience and we have to keep in mind that every vintage is different and has its shares of surprises..

Lastly, harvesting reflects perfectly our philosophy for the respect of tradition: all grapes are picked by hand and sorted twice (once in the vineyard and the second on the manual sorting table), so that Veronique receives the healthiest possible fruit and makes outstanding wines.